We support schools that want to retain effective teachers by;

  • breaking down perceived barriers to flexible working
  • sharing examples of brilliance
  • offering a toolkit of practical tips and solutions to implement flexible working
  • sharing and demonstrating the benefits of flexible working to schools, employees and pupils

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We support teachers who want to work flexibly by;

  • providing practical advice on acquiring a flexible post
  • providing support for those returning to the teaching profession after a career break
  • connecting teachers with someone at their level of experience to form a talent partnership 
  • sharing and demonstrating the benefits of flexible working to schools, employees and pupils




All positive from participants at our @WomenEd Unconference workshops

Comments on our interview skills workshop were overwhelmingly positive.  "I attended your session on Saturday.  May I just say how impressed I was and how useful I found it."  Raj
"Very many thanks again, both for Saturdays session and for even existing as an organisation-I feel much more confident and supported knowing you are there!" Tracey

Helping 'The Key' to support their members find positive examples of flexible working


'Amazing, thanks Lucy! I’ll research these schools today and let you know ASAP. 

Love the new email signature re: flexible working too! Looks like I caught you at a really exciting time for the project…can’t wait to keep my eye on it and see how everything unfolds!'

Saving the 6000: Specific focus on those returning to teaching after a career break

The host of today's workshop was informative and welcoming.  She was very experienced with a lovely, empathetic approach.  I feel more confident with the skills and experience I can bring to the classroom and the workshop enabled me to reflect on steps I need to take.

Why normalising flexible working is important to school leaders.


'I think what you are doing is exactly what is needed to revolutionise the profession. Teacher wellbeing should be a priority and flexible working is one of the ways to achieve this.'