We want to support schools so that they retain effective teachers and improve pupil outcomes

Schools might be raring to go or they  might be reluctant to adopt flexible working for a variety of reasons.  In the mental gymnastics of school life, we want to simplify the process for you.  We will provide;

1.  Greater understanding of flexible working within the school context.

2.  Understanding of the benefits of flexible working to the school, employees and pupils.

2.  Examples of brilliance - case studies of schools already demonstrating best practice.

3.  A toolkit of practical tips for implementation of flexible working practices.

4.  Research and information to help break down traditional barriers to flexible working.

Each package will be bespoke to your needs but a typical set of services could include:

  • A presentation on the benefits of flexible working in education for Governors and Headteachers.
  • A whole staff consultation to assess flexible working requirements.
  • Support through transition to a flexible working culture.
  • Specific training for middle leaders on managing team members returning to work flexibly after a career break.
  • A meeting with HR to audit and introduce more flexible recruitment processes.
  • KIT day training sessions for teachers on parental leave considering returning to work flexibly

If you are a MAT, TSA or individual school who wants to learn more about how we can support your schools to normalise flexible working, email us at

If you are a school looking for specialist teachers to work ad hoc hours and want to save money on agency fees, sign up to ReturntoTeach.

It is worth noting that most perceived barriers with the timetable can now be solved at the touch of a button almost exclusively with algorithm software designed for purpose by companies like EdvalUK. Get in touch with them for a free timetable audit!



Teachers want to work flexibly for a variety of reasons and will need varying levels of support depending on their needs.  We are collaborating with a number of partner organisations to help cater for these needs.

If you are interested in creating a talent partnership (job share) with another teacher at your level of experience using our new app, email us at

If you are on maternity leave or have had an extended break from teaching and are interested in attending our Return to Teaching Workshops in collaboration with the MTPTproject, email us at

If you are on maternity leave, take a look at the benefits of maternity CPD with the MTPTproject

If you are looking to work flexible hours 'just' teaching your specialist subject, sign up for free with ReturntoTeach

If you are a leader who wants to learn more about the potential benefits of talent partnership, take a look at the Shared Headship Network.

If you are already involved in a talent partnership or due to begin one soon, take a look at this excellent preparatory advice from Capability Jane


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